The BLUES Corner

"You should be able to look at me and see my work. You should be able to look at my work and see me." -Roy DeCarava, Artist/Photographer, Harlem, NY (1919-2009)

Be Loving Until Everything Surrenders...BLUES Photography was created to memorialize the beauty of nature, people, and the world around us through pure artistic expression, love and gratitude. It was a driving passion and love for seeing the beauty in all things that I decided to become a photographer and to develop my own creative techniques to capture images. Every image has a story that is impactful to some degree; so in effect, I am a storyteller of sorts. From the most intimate moments of someone exposing their vulnerabilities to a corporate event where I am merely a background figure; I fully give myself to the energy and the art and I revere it as a blessing to be chosen to record and immortalize the moment.

Malika Winzor, Owner/Photographer

Malika Winzor, Owner of BLUES Photography



“Malika asked me to participate in the BLUES Photography Chocolate in Denim Campaign as a model. I've never modeled but I was happy to oblige her. It was an awesome experience and her vision for showcasing melanin-rich people today is inspiring.”