Chocolate in Denim: Indigo Queen


A Coup d'Oeil of African-American Melanin Aristocracy

"Observe the life moving like a river around you...and realize that the images you make may become part of the collective history of the time that you are living in." -Eli Reed, Photojournalist/Photographer, Linden, New Jersey (1946-Present)

The BLUES Photography's Chocolate in Denim Campaign is an ode to melanin-infused aristocracy in these United States of America. Simply, it is a collection of images that portray everyday people in their favorite denim. From the production of the soft, yet strong, fibers of cotton into a textile to the rich history and knowledge of cultivating the dark, natural, and mysterious blue hues of indigo, it is here that we give denim and the people who adorn it their due. BLUES Photography invites you to preview a vivid and artful collection of a people who are beautifully hued and richly-colored and whose history is dyed into the fabric of America.

Chocolate in Denim: A Lioness's Pride

Chocolate in Denim: Duality

Chocolate in Denim: BLUES Vibrations

Chocolate in Denim: Falling Into Me

Chocolate in Denim: Utterings of My Ancestral Lineage

Chocolate in Denim: Feathering Heights

Please stay tuned to BLUES Photography's website for the complete art collection that will be showcased in Summer 2022.